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I have the same issue. I’m trying to keep from logging in to the Winmagic prior to the Windows login. I can’t seem to remove it. Anyone know a way to do this? If not then trash the HDD it is of no use. This will take few minutes and revert your drive.

Once reverted you have to reimage it with a new OS. Brand Representative for Micron. Importantly, it should help you if you are using hardware encryption under BitLocker in Windows 8. I am having a similar issue as well.

We are using HP laptops and 5 out of the last 10 have crashed. I run the BIOS tests and they all pass. I try to run a boot repair and nothing occurs. I run the Windows repair and an OS is not found. There has to be a way to recover them. If you have an HP device that requires it, I’m sure they can provide you a copy as well. Also see the message from Jon at Micron. Depending on the drive manufacturer, they may provide a tool with the same functionality. I talked several times with hp Yes, i have the same problem and they have sent me other tools to unencrypt my hardisk i’ve been tried with the key but this didn’t work.

I have tried to talk about opalerase to the hp technicians but they don’t have any idea at all they never heard nothing about this tool. I assume that this process destroys my data but without this tool I can lose my super SSD harddisk I’ve tried with every other PSID tool from samsung my hp disc is samsung , kingston, lenovo, without results.

This is insane, hp have no ideaaa WinMagic settings did not show the apply button when I had the encrypt drive box unchecked — no way to decrypt my WinMagic-encrypted drive. And Windows said I needed to have the drive decrypted to update to the latest version of Win I also had TPM and startup security enabled, and I could not turn them off since the key I possessed was not recognized. Otherwise, the system was fine I said sarcastically?

My solution was to format c: from the DOS command prompt. I don’t know if this step was necessary but I was so angry with WinMagic that’s where I went. After successfully formatting c:, the DOS prompt did not allow me to change the drive volume label, probably because WinMagic had it locked.

I booted to BIOS setup, which was a trick itself. On bootup, I could not F10 because the system security on start was enabled. My fingerprint was recognized as good but of course, since I had wiped Windows on c:, I could not get past the fingerprint lock screen at first. The laptop seemed a brick. This consistently brought me to the BIOS setup menu where I discovered the solution through trial and error, even as I hoped I hadn’t permanently bricked my laptop.

No startup security blocked me upon reboot. Insert a bootable system recovery USB stick, then reinstall Win I now had a fresh install. I then successfully updated Windows 10 to the latest version, April, and have since seen no sign of any lingering drive encryption or WinMagic boot security, the latter of which I have set only as a PIN entry under Win I also successfully updated the BIOS to This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting.

To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Happy Holidays to everyone here, regardless of what or how y Your daily dose of tech news, in brief. Welcome to the Snap! You need to hear this. There are a few older posts I see, but on average, how much e-mail does your e-mail protection block in a day. Just want to get an i Hi team,Since family meetings are coming for Christmas, and even new year and all.

I was wondering something, because I know this question will come up to me and I will literally stutter explaining it. When some new people comes to your life, that are non If you’ve been active in the Community for a while, you probably come across our Year in Review, a feature that rounds up annual Spiceworks activity and surfaces top content from the last 12 months. In this post, we’re sharing what’s happened in the Commu Online Events. Login Join. HP Hardware. Hi So I’ve been unable to find an answer to my situation.

The Samsung drive management software won’t recognise the drive as a Samsung so that’s no help either I’ve contacted WinMagic and they advised HP will need to remove the SED config to set it back to a default unencrypted drive. Any other ideas out there? OP Esky Hopefully we won’t have to deal with this again in a hurry!

Cheers Andrew Spice 1 flag Report. Little Green Man This person is a verified professional. The system will be stable from initial boot if the system is left powered off for greater than two hours. Once the system has been provided access via the SafeNet USB key to gain access to the OS, rebooting works fine but a hard power down will leave you locked out for two hours.

Draining Flea Power has no change to the lock up behavior. Removing the CMOS battery gets you further in the process but eventually stops you for having the incorrect system time and will not allow you to proceed.

WinMagic SecureDoc 4. Oireet Users state that access to the system via the Encryption software SecureDoc Boot is not allowed more than one time within two hours after entering their password. You should then be able to progress past the SD Boot Logon.


[BCD Boot troubles and WinMagic encryption | tom’s blog

Web1. Click to open the Windows USB/DVD Download Tool page. 2. Click Download then Run. 3. Follow the steps in the setup dialogs. You’ll have the option to specify where to . WebSeamless Authentication and. Encryption Solutions. Encrypt with SecureDoc, Data Protection Software. Authenticate with MagicEndpoint, passwordless solution. Achieve Missing: usb. WebSecureDoc File Encryption (SFE) employs the same AES bit encryption used for the full disk encryption on a computer. While full-disk encryption solutions encrypt the entire .


[Winmagic bootable usb download

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