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Chaos legion game free download for pc. Chaos Legion Download Full PC Game

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Top Menu. Action Games , Adventure Games. The main feature that lends originality to the game is the addition of the ” Chaos Legion “, which are supernatural creatures that fight alongside the player.

While legions are summoned, Sieg Wahrheit the player character is unable to run and has weaker melee attacks. Legions can be controlled to a degree: their tactics can be switched between offensive and defensive, and players can issue orders for them to attack immediately. During his quest, Sieg encounters a member of the “Maidens of the Silver” fighting a monster alone after other Maidens are killed.

At first, Arcia mentions that the Maidens were in tough pursuit of Victor; thus, when she learns that Sieg is also searching for the same person, she decides to tag along. Later, it is revealed that Arcia has held a grudge against Victor for the murder of her brother. Sieg never tells Arcia the intentions why he pursues Victor, even though he does say the two knew each other from before.

Because of this lack of trust, Arcia briefly loses her faith in Sieg and sets off to find Victor alone. The murder fails, unbeknownst to Sieg, who lashes out and attacks Victor because he believes Arcia to be dead.

After subduing Victor, Sieg learns that Arcia survives the shot, only to find that Victor is not fully defeated, Surrounded in black aura, Victor attacks Sieg once again, but Arcia steps in between Sieg and Victor with her arms outstretched. The demon resisted and decided that, instead of being banished once more, it would possess a human: Siela; Victor tried to protect Siela, but was possessed instead, In his uncontrollable rampage, he almost killed Sieg, but Siela withheld the mortal wound, and Victor drove his sword straight through, piercing her chest.

When he came back to his senses, he believed Sieg to had committed the murder. Victor breaks the seal by sacrificing himself. Azrail is then released and fights Sieg, not only in its own diabolical form, but also re-spawned in the figure of a darkened, corrupted Siela to intimidate him.

However, Sieg prevails. Pass rar: www.


Chaos Legion PC Game Free Download | FreeGamesLand

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Chaos legion game free download for pc

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