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John fowles the collector book review free.The Collector by John Fowles – the creepiest book I have ever read

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Reviews of The Collector There are no reviews yet. Perhaps you can add one! Editorials There is not a page in this first novel which does not prove that its author is a master storyteller.

Honor Tracy The Collector is a work of art. It both stirs the mind and satisfies. Whitney Balliett A bravura first novel. As a horror story, the book is a remarkable tour de force.

Alan Bryce-Jones There is not a page in this first novel which does not prove that its author is a master storyteller. Fiction Subjects.

Character Types – Fiction. Miranda is an upper-middle-class art college student who was born into a rich family. She is a pretty emotional person, and, of course, she loathes the way society puts people in classes.

On the other hand, we have Frederic. He is a butterfly collector, and this time, his new butterfly in the collection will be Miranda. When I read some reviews, I saw that people actually drew some interesting conclusions about which problems the author was hinting at in the society with Frederic. I found it curious that many saw that John Fowles was showing a typical middle-class consumer. Like Frederic, this consumer always wants new things.

He is just glad that they are in his captivity. Frederic is glad that he owns this beauty, and the consumer is glad that they bought this new beautiful thing. But as soon as the butterfly is dead and dry, its wings pinned to the board, The Collector forgets about it and chases another butterfly in hopes of owning it. Delicate, captivating, gifted and in love with life, she’s the prize catch.

Fred is overcome by a sudden desire to pin her, to own her, to hold her up against the light and study her in ravenous detail.

For a professed novice, he plans Miranda’s kidnap in delicious detail, following her around for weeks, establishing her whereabouts on an hourly basis. He purchases a house with a cellar which he converts into a guest room and a van with a storage compartment, ideal for catching prey.

He builds new doors and secret corridors. He buys an incinerator to burn dirty clothes and destroy any evidence of his guest. He cancels the gardener and tells the vicar he wants nothing to do with the local village ensuring nobody will visit. They’ll be alone. He’s meticulous and tenacious, and the unsuspecting Miranda never stands a chance. Nothing will make the reader appreciate their summer quite like John Fowles’ debut novel, published in Dark, creepy and claustrophobic, it compels a gratitude for expanse and freedom.

Captor and victim take turns detailing their points of view and we’re first given an insight into the mind of a man whose transformation to kidnapper seemed inevitable from the very beginning. Fred is especially terrifying because he seems oblivious to his own perversion and to the harm he inflicts on others.

In many ways, he’s the perfect psychopath. He believes he’s Miranda’s host and not her captor. He watches her, but he’s not a stalker. She’s his guest and not his victim. She has everything she needs in her room except a key, so why is she so unyielding, so ungrateful?

In a further attempt to draw sympathy from the reader, Fred blames class distinctions for his actions. If he wasn’t common and uneducated, he wouldn’t be isolated from his peers.



John fowles the collector book review free

Frederick Clegg is a loner. Isolated from society, he spends his time trapping butterflies in jars and watching them die. “The Collector” by John Fowles deals with a man’s obsession with a woman that turns to kidnap and eventually death.


The Collector by John Fowles – book review | Review: The Collector by John Fowles – Keeper of Pages

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