In a publicity stunt, the adultery site delivered Tiger Woods a binding agreement which supplied him $5 million for “advertisement, recommendation, purchase and marketing” of the dating site.

At this time soon enough, padraig harrington is now offering a last alleged mistress which could generate him a great front guy when it comes down to infidelity dating website. I’ve a feeling, this $1 billion dollar recreations figure won’t even give consideration to such a deal. ????

Seriously though, Ashley Madison did not allow this advertising and marketing chance that Tiger Woods delivered all of them check-out waste. They provided Tiger Woods an agreement they realized, however refuse. By connected on their own utilizing the hottest news topic with the week, thirty days and perhaps also the season, obtained numerous no-cost worldwide press.

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Enhance: (2009-12-08) – Tiger Woods now has 10 alleged mistresses.

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