The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Supply Chain Nigeria

Course Overview

Solid fleet/transport and logistics management supports smooth and effective strategies to transport goods between locations around the world. Professional staff uniquely trained for the challenges of large logistics networks is key to remain competitive in globalized markets.

We provide comprehensive training with recognized certification to qualify you to independently handle field-specific tasks. We make sure you have the skills you need to develop well-balanced solutions for effective management and efficient operations. Our instructors show you how to use the methods and tools of transport logistics to optimize transport cost and boost savings potential.

Our courses offer best-practice knowledge for your day-to-day work in a busy logistics environment and verify your professional credentials with internationally recognized quality certificates.

Who should attend?
We offer comprehensive transport and logistics courses for junior staff to senior management looking to enhance skills at every level. Our course curriculum provides the solid foundation you need to succeed when planning and coordinating effective transport and logistics operations. Professionals registering for our classes include:

  • Logistics specialists and managers
  • Purchasing professionals / Buyers
  • Supply chain management
  • Process planners
  • Dispatchers
  • Forwarding agents
  • Logistics services staff
  • Warehouse managers

Courses provide all participants with the information they need to excel in their particular role and responsibilities. Our courses for transport and logistics managers are designed to answer questions such as:

  • What are the key factors influencing transport and logistics?
  • How high will associated costs be in the future?
  • How should transport logistics be organized to meet increasing demands?

We provide both open training and examination in the classroom as well as customized programs conducted at your workplace. Participants successfully passing final course examination are awarded our recognized quality certification.

Program Outline

Introduction to fleet/ transport and logistics management

  • Definition of fleet/ transport and logistics management
  • Objectives of fleet/ transport and logistics management,
  • Costs associated with fleet/ transport and logistics management
  • Maximizing customer service
  • fleet/ transport and logistics manager profile

Fleet maintenance management

  • Roles and responsibilities in maintenance
  • Benefits of preventive maintenance inspections
  • Scope of preventive maintenance programs
  • Unscheduled maintenance
  • Road calls
  • Tire selection and management
  • Parts and supply management
  • Vendor versus in-house maintenance

Workshop management

  • Workshop layout
  • Workshop tools
  • Computing workshop productivity
  • Facility requirements
  • Bay space layout

Fleet safety management

  • Elements of a safety program
  • Reasons for accident prevention
  • Driver selection criteria
  • Fleet skill tests
  • Road accident types

Vehicle selection and replacement

  • Vehicle selection criteria
  • Own or contract analysis
  • Vehicle replacement analysis
  • Capital budgeting techniques

Transportation and distribution planning

  • Transportation fundamentals and optimization
  • Factors affecting transportation decisions
  • Network design options
  • Routing of distribution vehicles

Measuring and improving fleet performance

  • Fleet measurement system
  • Transportation costs
  • Cost ratios
  • Transportation asset productivity
  • Financial and quality indicators
  • Cycle time indicators
  • Measuring and improving fleet utilization

Your trusted partner for quality training and recognized certification

As a leading training provider, we provide certification for a broad spectrum of skill sets needed to succeed in international business. Our global network of expert instructors presents well-rounded, diverse curriculums for professionals working in large environments spanning the world. Courses are offered in online, open classrooms as well as tailored, in-house trainings.

Duration: 1 Day Training Course
Day/Time: Saturday only Moring 10am – 12noon and Afternoon 2pm – 4pm
Award: Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply Chain Management Course
Cost Per Training: $150 USD/N50,000