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Hey guys I’m looking to download some sort of antivirus software for my Best free antivirus for Windows 10 is Microsoft Defender. What about AVAST? Not my favorite but I think it gets decent reviews. I had a paid McAfee and Malware bytes running, PC wasn’t allowing.

Best windows 10 antivirus reddit free download

Webcam protection: Yes. It’s got a bright, comprehensible interface, a lot of customization potential and Kaspersky’s unbeatable malware protection. Avast Free Antivirus opens in new tab 3. However, the protection is just basic because the antivirus is not updated enough.


Very best Antivirus Reddit Software | Arklay S. Richards Co., Inc.


Is actually resource-intensive and can churn your harddisk. One Redditor found the Avast software intrusive, and switched to Bitdefender. Neither software was mainly because intrusive, yet Bitdefender did not require a advanced of program resources, nevertheless both are extremely effective.

A further free answer is Bitdefender, which often appears in opinions on the subreddit. While it may certainly not block just about every web browser, the annoying pop-ups can be a nuisance. Avast was the initially antivirus request a Reddit user suggested, but there are some drawbacks to it. One Redditor found the Avast plan intrusive, and switched to Bitdefender. Neither method was when intrusive, although Bitdefender would not require a advanced of program resources, although both are quite effective.

Lately, a lot of advanced spyware tools have gained popularity among users to monitor an individual or organization. Microsoft Defender comes with a sophisticated and robust antispyware technology that goes the extra mile to ensure you do not get spied on. It quickly scans through all the data and apps on your PC to check and remove spyware signatures.

If it finds anything suspicious, it will help the user get rid of them. Windows Defender also keeps an eye on other legitimate software and application attached to spyware. When it comes to computer resource management, no antivirus application is as efficient as Windows Defender.

Since it belongs to the same parent firm that develops Windows operating system, it uses fewer computer resources. That means the PC would have more space and processing power. This is the latest addition to the anti-malware application. It provides an additional layer of protection against ransomware. It also protects specific folders, files, and even some PC RAM aspects against untrusted applications trying to gain access. You may need to reconsider your stance if you have taken Windows defender for granted because of its previous reputation.

Only a few antiviruses out there offer a controlled folder access feature. It comes fully integrated with your windows operating system; therefore, you need not download, install, or set up anything.

As soon as you install Windows, it starts protecting your system automatically , which is different from other antivirus applications. However, if you need to change Windows Defender settings, you can still do that very easily. The steps are basic enough, and you can quickly change whatever you want without needing to go through the documentation.

With it, you can securely carry out a full system scan, custom scan, or offline scan with just a click. You can easily check the status of your Windows Defender through the icon at the status bar. When you click on it, you would be able to view your current Defender status, see the functions of the firewall, and adjust notification rules. You can also restore the firewall to the default state, troubleshoot your internet network, allow specific apps through the firewall, and so much more.

Windows Defender comes with browser and app control features that can let you keep full command of crucial functionalities. It has a state of the art Windows Smart screen that you can easily configure to warn, block, or ignore specific files and applications. The system will enable you to use Windows Defender for free.

Windows Defender ensures that your PC is optimized and is running as fast as possible. The consequences of a Virus attack on your PC can result to slow processing speed, system crash, data compromise, and lots more. It ensures that the system remains protected; the hard drive is optimized and operates with good speed.

This can save you a tremendous amount of time and effort. It monitors outgoing and incoming traffic on your PC network. The program double checks every incoming and outgoing file through the network. It also checks all the sites you visit and block out a malicious website from your network. It would ensure that you do not unintentionally download malware or access unauthorized sites. You can end up exposing your PC to different cyber threats while merely accessing unauthorized sites.

These attacks include ransomware attacks, hacking attempts, spyware, malvertising or adware , and lots more. Windows Defender provides a secure login for users to protect their passwords. When your passwords are compromised, hackers can use them to blackmail you, steal your funds, or gain access to other confidential information.

While its password protection feature might not be as good as some of the best password managers out there, Windows Defender offers quality password protection for free. With just a single click, it can purge all suspicious applications. It requires minimal user input to carry out its functions, and in most cases, need no configuration. Also known as DNS filtering, web protection is a crucial safeguard against viruses and malware.

Most phishing emails bypass antivirus programs by using malicious links instead of file attachments to inject malware. Windows Defender offers web protection on the Edge browser. However, since most people use Chrome, they might miss out on this crucial feature that blocks malicious sites. Another area that Windows Defender has failed to address is robust password management. Because people have multiple passwords to deal with, they use weak combinations so they can remember.

Some even reuse the same passwords for various web applications. Windows Defender does not offer a password management tool to recommend and store robust passwords.

A cloud backup is an imperative protection feature against malware and virus attacks that destroys your data. It safely stores your files, and you can quickly restore them at any time.

Unfortunately, Windows Defender does not offer this protective component. Luckily, you can use Windows Defender together with another free antivirus for added protection.

There are many other free antivirus software that offers better malware and virus protection than Windows Defender. However, free antivirus programs can be lacking in other areas. Maybe their malware scanner is not sufficient, or real-time protection does not work well. Actually, there is no free antivirus that will offer complete protection. That is why you should consider using a free third-party antivirus alongside Windows Defender to give your PC decent protection.

If you store sensitive data such as your passwords, pictures, or bank information, you should consider investing in an affordable premium antivirus like Norton It has a cloud-based malware scanner and continuously updates the database with the newest malware threats. During our testing, the antivirus effectively detected the phishing sites we tried to access and blocked many malware sample files. Since the software receives frequent updates, it offers better protection than Windows Defender.

The best part is that the Kaspersky free antivirus also offers a password manager and VPN , two critical security tools that Windows Defender lacks. The malware scanner is faster, and the detection rate is near-perfect. If you upgrade to the paid version, you will get more features such as safe money, privacy cleaner, webcam protection, anti-spam, etc. TotalAV is a user-friendly antivirus that actively protects your PC from malicious malware and viruses.

The free version comes with a range of essential features better than what the Windows Defender offers. We used the Junk Cleaner to scan our computer and freed nearly 5 GB of our hard disk space. During our testing, it identified and blocked all the sample malware files. On the downside, you have to upgrade to the paid version to get real-time protection , which Windows Defender offers for free.

Although Windows Defender does not provide these features, other free antivirus programs like Kaspersky offer them for free. TotalAV offers a lot of functionality than Windows Defender. The PC optimization feature will help to enhance the performance of your device. Although it does not provide real-time protection on the free version, you can upgrade to the paid version to access it and many more features.

Avira antivirus program comes with many features, even on the free version, including an integrated firewall, real-time malware protection, free VPN , and more. Nonetheless, it has several premium features, including PC optimization tools and password manager, making it a good Windows Defender complement. This is much better compared to our experience with Windows Defender. The paid version offers great security tools such as an integrated VPN, secure banking tools, customizable scans, and parental controls.

Even though Windows Defender has decent scanning options, it lacks essential tools like parental controls and VPN. Bitdefender malware scanning engine performs better than Windows Defender. While the free version is lightweight, it is very powerful with real-time protection. The premium version comes with crucial features such as a VPN and parental controls, which Windows Defender does not offer.

Malwarebytes free version comes with limitations, offering malware scanning only and no real-time protection. However, it works well when combined with Windows Defender. The dashboard looks complicated, but it is straightforward to use and navigate. Everything is laid out, and the scan button will appear once you open the program. Malwarebytes Premium version is a secure and highly-capable antivirus.

It offers protection against multiple threats, including ransomware and zero-day attacks. Although Malwarebytes is good at identifying and removing malware from PC, it is not powerful enough to act as standalone antivirus. However, you can combine it with Windows Defender for better protection. Lately, Microsoft has significantly invested in Windows Defender, and this has ensured greater efficiency.

Research carried out by independent labs in found that it blocked In essence, Windows Defender is good enough for your PC in ; however, this was not the case some time ago. Previously the antivirus program lacked the sophistication to handle modern threats.

It also used to crash a lot during updates, which has, unfortunately, given it a bad reputation even in However, Windows Defender currently provides robust protection for systems against malware programs , as demonstrated in numerous independent tests. It comes pre-installed with windows without additional charges. Moreover, it is convenient to use, especially for less tech-savvy people who may not understand how to configure other premium antivirus applications for optimum results.

Having an antivirus program like Windows Defender installed on your PC is a no-brainer.


Best windows 10 antivirus reddit free download


I tested the most popular antiviruses on the market on multiple Windows 10 devices, and I rated them on malware detection, internet security, and overall value.

I found ten Windows 10 antiviruses which were the best of the best. Even if they had decent malware detection rates, many of them kept giving me false positive scan results. Others either slowed посетить страницу my PC, were too buggy, or were extremely overpriced. Norton is the gold-standard of antivirus software. The antivirus engine — powered by best windows 10 antivirus reddit free download intelligence AI and machine learning — is excellent at protecting against all cybersecurity threats.

Norton also offers a range of browser extensions designed for internet security, all best windows 10 antivirus reddit free download which performed really well in my tests — blocking all phishing links and malicious sites that Best windows 10 antivirus reddit free download tried to access. The scanning engine is pretty lightweight — I was able to watch best windows 10 antivirus reddit free download and edit videos while the antivirus scanner was running without any drain on my CPU.

But after trying almost all other rfee softwarethis was the one we decided to keep. The software is fast and easy to use, and Norton guarantees that all PCs will remain completely protected against cybersecurity threats. If reddih need a high-powered Windows antivirus, Norton is the best there is. Download Norton Now. Bitdefender offers some excellent additional features as well, including comprehensive anti-phishing protections, a lightning-fast VPN limited to MB per day redeit, and some of the best parental controls on the market.

Bitdefender caught more phishing sites in my testing than bewt competitors, the VPN removed geo-strictictions without a significant speed источник статьи, and the parental controls made it easy for me to filter unsafe content and receive alerts when my children left a predefined safe location. Bitdefender Total Security delivers complete malware protection основываясь на этих данных a cloud-based antivirus backed by machine learning.

You can try out Bitdefender risk-free with a day money-back guarantee. Download Bitdefender Now. My girlfriend and I both tested these features on our Windows 10 devices. The Startup Manager feature made it really easy to remove all of these unnecessary startup programs — which sped up the startup time by around 4 minutes.

The junk cleaner found over 8 GB of useless files that were clogging up my hard drive, so I could actually make room for my video software. TotalAV has 3 plans — Antivirus Pro comes with the anti-malware engine and the optimization tools, and it covers 3 devices.

Internet Security adds on a VPN, and it covers 5 devices. Total Security adds on an ad blocker and a gree manager, and it covers 6 devices. And all TotalAV purchases come with a day money-back guarantee. TotalAV is my favorite antivirus for device cleaning and optimization tools.

The antivirus protection is really good, and it makes cleaning and speeding up PCs really simple — even my non-tech girlfriend found it easy to use. You can test it out using the day money-back guarantee. Download TotalAV Now. McAfee Total Protection has an excellent malware scanner — detecting over Plus, the firewall provides active protection against network-based freee threats. McAfee Total Protection is a great value, offering tons of excellent features for up to 10 devices including Androids, Macs, and iOS devicesas well as основываясь на этих данных excellent discount for 2-year subscriptions.

McAfee offers excellent malware protection along with a huge variety of additional security features. McAfee also comes with useful extras like system tune-up tools, a file shredder, and identity theft protection US users onlyhas one of the most affordable 2-year plans of any antivirus on my list, and provides a no-risk day money-back guarantee.

Download McAfee Now. Outdated programs can expose systems to threats, so I was happy to discover that Software Updater identifies outdated programs and automatically updates them. Avira is definitely one взято отсюда the most reliable antivirus programs around — its perfect detection rates are hard to beat.

It hest powerful, yet extremely lightweight at the same time. My favorite extra feature is the Software Updater, as it makes life so much easier by automating the boring yet important task of keeping software up-to-date!

Download Avira Now. BullGuard best windows 10 antivirus reddit free download a really good anti-malware engine with some decent extras and a unique game booster which optimizes PC performance during gaming.

Performance boosting aside, BullGuard also offers some other internet security protections, such as:. The firewall is really good, but the parental controls failed to block most of the inappropriate content in my best windows 10 antivirus reddit free download.

The most basic package — BullGuard Antivirus — is just the antivirus and the game booster, and it only covers 1 device. BullGuard has a good malware scanner, a decent range of extras, and an advanced game booster that increases frame rate and decreases load times during bset.

Download BullGuard Now. Panda Dome has a good antivirus scanner and a few unique security features that are really useful. Panda Dome made it super easy for me to encrypt really important work documents behind a secure password to safeguard them from malware and ransomware.

The Rescue Kit disinfects PCs that are already blocked by malware — this is useful for those emergency situations where a device is completely inaccessible. Simply load the Rescue Kit onto a USB drive, plug best windows 10 antivirus reddit free download the USB drive into the infected device, boot it, and Panda will automatically erase malware and make the device sindows again. Download Panda Dome Now. Kaspersky provides a secure malware scanner for Windows along with some excellent additional features and a very intuitive dashboard.

But the multi-device plans for up windods 10 devices including Mac, Android, and iOS are a much better value. Kaspersky Total Security is a top-level security program that is super easy to use and navigate.

Download Kaspersky Now. Malwarebytes also has really good phishing protection, with near-perfect detection rates, as well as a decent VPN. That said, Malwarebytes is similarly priced to Norton and Bitdefenderboth of which provide significantly more cybersecurity protections. Download Malwarebytes Now. Trend Micro has a good malware scanner and decent internet security tools for Windows users.

Trend Micro has a good cloud-based malware scanner as well as decent extras like data breach monitor and email phishing protection.

Download Trend Micro Now. ESET provides an best windows 10 antivirus reddit free download anti-malware engine and tools for security experts — while ESET is a good choice for highly tech-minded users, most users should look elsewhere.

ESET plugins adobe audition cc 2017 free download a good anti-malware tool with some unique security features — the best value plan is ESET Internet Security which also comes with a day money-back guarantee.

ESET provides secure antivirus protection along with some unique features for advanced users. If comprehensive system usage reports and device encryption tools sound like an appealing extra, then ESET is a great choice. If you have no idea what those features are, then check out one of the other programs on my list. Cylance is antivirrus ok choice for users without any previous experience using an antivirus, but there are much better choices, even for non-technical users.

Cylance provides a good AI-based malware scanner and not much else. Cylance is available for up antivlrus 10 users, and it offers a day money-back guarantee. Download Cylance Now. Yes, most Windows 10 computers come pre-installed with Windows Defender, which is much more useful now than it was a few years ago. However, it does not provide the same malware protection that the other antiviruses on this list do. But fre you keep any kind of sensitive info on your computer — logins, passwords, banking info, photos, etc.

While there are a few free Windows antiviruses that do a decent job of protecting your PCnone of them will fully protect all of your data. Antiviruses like Norton and McAfee have a huge range of internet security features that make sure your computer and all of your most important data is fully protected from the latest cyber threats. All of the antiviruses on this list will run smoothly, quickly, and without performance microsoft publisher 2016 gratis free. The top Windows 10 antivirus of — Norton — will not slow down your PC system at all, regardless of how you use it.

Many antiviruses cover best windows 10 antivirus reddit free download operating systems across Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac devices, including most on this list. All of these antiviruses have been ranked and rated for Windows, but they best windows 10 antivirus reddit free download have other OS support which is equally as impressive. RON Romanian leu. Professional Reviews. Affiliate Commissions. Reviews Guidelines. Short on time?

Comes with a VPN, parental controls, secure storage, and a password manager. Get the autodesk revit interoperability for inventor 2017 free Windows 10 antivirus here off first year, terms apply. Here are the top Windows 10 antiviruses for 1. McAfee — Secure antivirus with a PC zntivirus and web protection. Avira — Lightweight antivirus with great extra features. Frequently asked questions about antiviruses for Windows. Offers advanced protection at the network layers — blocking malware before it can be delivered to your device.

But this software is far best windows 10 antivirus reddit free download complex for most home users, and it lacks many additional features that other antiviruses provide for the same price.

Avast and AVG, which are owned by the same company, were alleged to be selling user data to third-parties. You can read more about the allegations here. Are free antiviruses good enough? Will an antivirus slow down my computer? Share It: 0. About the Author Alex Kassian Software developer and tech enthusiast. About the Author Windoows Kassian is a software and tech developer who regularly travels around the globe for both work and pleasure. He loves testing different antivirus programs and other cybersecurity products to best windows 10 antivirus reddit free download winvows which ones offer the best protection.

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